Who We Are

Your Challenges are Opportunities for Profit

Lux Actuaries & Consultants is an independent actuarial consultancy with offices in Bahrain, Cyprus, India, Turkey, the UAE and the UK. Our local presence in multiple locations allows us to provide pragmatic solutions that take account of the local market and the needs of our clients, unconstrained by any overriding corporate policy.

Founded in 2005, Lux has experienced impressive growth while maintaining uncompromising service standards and building a strong reputation in the regions of its operations. Lux works with some of the largest insurance companies in the Gulf and South Eastern Europe.

We enjoy a close working relationship with our clients, based on trust, integrity and professionalism as we strive to provide the highest levels of service.  We believe that a personal and on-the-ground understanding of client needs and concerns is important in developing and sustaining long-term partnerships and appropriate solutions to the challenges our clients face.

Our Values


Lux is committed to providing clients with advice of the highest standards. We maintain a robust internal controls framework, including a stringent peer review process, to ensure the quality of our reporting and appropriateness of our advice is second to none.


Lux ensures timely delivery, whilst maintaining quality of the highest standards. Lux’s key strength is our outstanding team, who are extremely experienced, professionally qualified, dynamic and creative. Their dedication to each project, right through to completion, ensures we meet deadlines.


At Lux, we ensure client queries, concerns or issues are addressed immediately and effectively. In order to keep our clients fully informed, our team continually communicates and reports throughout the project, from defining the scope to project launch, process, delivery and post-project support.