Why Lux?

Process to Profitability (P2P)

The P2P philosophy aims to improve your bottom line and starts at Understanding your Needs. Next is the Actuarial Analysis (Data, Analysis, Result). From results follows Communication of Outcomes and Recommendations. Often overlooked is Monitoring, to ensure a complete and virtuous feedback cycle. Lux makes P2P possible by following a strict and coherent structure, as follows:


Professionalism matters. Reputable companies require the credibility of professional actuaries, where best practice and existing experience is applied to solve problems – profitably. Our existing clients can attest to our success in striving to deliver the optimum. Our reports reach not just local management and regulators, but are often used to report to international head-offices.

Efficiency & Timeliness

We strive to deliver ahead of agreed deadlines and, with our own rigorous internal service level standards, we never fail to meet client expectations. We understand that your reputation in the market and with the regulator depends on this, and so does ours.

Knowledge & Expertise

We have the breadth and depth of experienced, locally positioned resource necessary to meet your exacting needs. We adopt a partnership/collaborative approach and, working closely together, we get to understand and consider the issues you face. Once we identify your specific requirements, we can then knowledgeably communicate with you, at a personal level, the solutions you seek.

Trust & Integrity

Honesty, discretion and confidentiality are paramount. We wish to build mutual trust and lasting relationships with our clients and achieve this through the stringent business ethics and corporate values we so strongly believe in. We are truly independent; we do not sell influence with regulators, nor do we share information among clients.

Quality & Accuracy

We always work to the highest quality standards, in accordance with our own robust internal controls framework. We pride ourselves on the quality of our advice and reporting, which is always peer reviewed by a Senior Consultant/Actuary, whose expertise is specific to the project being delivered.


Our philosophy is simple. We recognise that nothing is more important than our clients’ satisfaction and continued loyalty and it is only by aspiring to excellence and by maintaining upmost professionalism, that we can achieve our goals.