Interesting Data Presentation: European Refugee Crisis

This is an interesting data presentation, showing an interactive map of migrant origin and destination countries. You can look at individual countries or group them as you like, zoom and pan the map, etc.

The information itself gives a feel for a changing Europe. The value in this presentation is in immediately having a sense of materiality; the main origin countries and destinations – as well as popularity. Tables of figures would just not give the same sense of scale and insight in presenting this data.

Example blog post image.

Lux uses these same tools to present our insights into insurance data.  Visual and interactive interrogation captures the user’s imagination and allows an intuitive ‘meeting’ with the data. It is no longer an abstract summary meant for statisticians and actuaries, but rather a useful tool for everyday use.

Analytics and extracting insights from data offers great value. We can help you keep up with the relentless pace of change in with what is currently possible. More importantly we can help you extract value from your most valuable asset: Your Data.

21st Sep 2015, By Ruan van Rensburg