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Shivash Bhagaloo


Shivash is a Fellow of both the Institute of Actuaries (UK) and the Actuarial Society of South Africa. Shivash started his career working in the Health insurance market with Alexander Forbes Financial Services. Working under the guidance of experienced Health Actuaries he gained valuable insight into the claims reserving, monitoring and pricing functions that form an integral part of this developed and mature insurance market.

Shivash supplements his Health Insurance knowledge with Life Insurance experience gained by working at QED Actuaries and Consultants, one of the largest Actuarial and Consulting Companies operating in Africa and also a division of the Aon Group. With experience working on Life Product Development, Pricing and Reserving he has knowledge of the specific technical differences between Life and General Insurance.

As a Consulting Actuary and Partner at Lux, Shivash has experience working in the General and Health insurance markets, including those based in the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the UAE and Qatar. He consults to many companies in the Gulf, providing key technical underwriting support backed by experience consulting in the Health Insurance environment. Shivash also consults on the Motor insurance side to insurers looking to understand their claims experience in greater detail.

Shivash has led the expansion of the Lux Group into the UAE. With a growing breadth of expertise and experience, Shivash seeks to provide actuarial support to the strong Lux client base located across the region.