Banking, Data Analytics and ERM

Banking, Data Analytics and ERM


These services always offer at least one and usually more, of the following outcomes, to our banking clients; increased revenue, increased staff and/or systems efficiency and effectiveness, reduced cost(s) and/or improved predictability of budgeted outcomes.

Your Service Professionals

Ernest Louw (GCC and Europe) and Kathya Ledesma (Mexico) are intimately involved in the Banking, Data Analytics and ERM service offering at Lux.

Customer behavioural analysis

We analyse customer behaviour and create segmentation models to help our clients understand those customers better. We also use predictive analytics to assist in predicting account closures, dormancy, propensity to take-up new products, loan prepayments and defaults.

Insight guides action, and small improvements in customer behaviour have dramatic effects on our clients’ financial results.


We ensure enhanced revenue by optimising pricing frameworks used for banking products and services.

Risk modelling

We develop models for our clients to gain a better understanding of the risks faced in their businesses, and then to manage unexpected outcomes. Key risks modelled include credit risk, market risk, operational risk and liquidity risk.

Credit portfolio analysis

By analysing our clients’ credit portfolios we help our clients better understand the risk-return characteristics of their portfolios and identify ways of optimising the risk-return tradeoff.

Cash flow modelling

We project contractual and behaviour cash-flows arising from assets and liabilities under a range of scenarios to assess liquidity and interest-rate risks in banking.

Model validation

We validate risk models used for loss provisioning and determining capital requirements.

Targeted marketing campaigns

We design and optimise targeted marketing campaigns, as well as the evaluation of the effectiveness of our own and other such campaigns.

General financial modelling

We use a range of financial modelling techniques to assist in budgeting, business case/product development, and corporate valuations. Actuarial techniques and perspectives brings you unique insight and ability to manage your business.

Loyalty programmes

We design and optimise loyalty and rewards programmes as well as assist in reserving/provisioning and measuring the effectiveness of the programme.