ERM, Solvency II

ERM, Solvency II


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Shivash Bhagaloo, Yogesh Agarwal and Ernst Louw is in charge of the ERM service offering at Lux.  They would be delighted to hear from you.

We work closely with the main stakeholders and the client’s management team to develop and implement successful ERM frameworks, within a considered Corporate Governance and Internal Control environment.  Based on our knowledge and experience, we generally see embedding ERM as a three step process:

  • Understand the client’s existing ERM processes including validation and any quick amendments
  • Design and agree with the client a target ERM model for benchmarking
  • Design and implement a revised ERM process

This process improves clients’ efficient capital deployment and consistency within the various business units. In addition, it enhances clients’ reputation and ensures compliance with existing and forthcoming regulation, where Management is expected to have a better understanding of the risks the Company is facing.