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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Principles

How leadership models must remember key tenets in order to navigate the new normal.

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Understanding Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a powerful tool that can tell you more about your business than you would expect.

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Successful Stakeholder Management

Within the ERM framework, the principles that govern how best to manage stakeholder risk are useful to remember.

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Adjusting to Post COVID-19

In this article we examine how innovation can help drive progress in the insurance industry in the post COVID-19 world.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Guide to Calculating ECL for Trade Receivable

A guide to determining expected credit losses on Trade Receivables as per the IFRS 9 standard.

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Guide to Conducting an IAS 19 Valuation of Employee Benefits

Under IAS 19, long-term employee benefits, which include End of Service Gratuity Benefits (“EOSGB”), require actuarial valuation.

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