Understanding Machine Learning


Understanding Machine Learning

“Machine Learning is a powerful tool that can tell you more about your business than you would expect.”

It is well known that Machine Learning (ML) can be highly predictive and sophisticated. Unlike statistical models, ML algorithms do not rely on any underlying assumptions about the data, and can learn adaptively.

Our proprietary platform can not only create robust machine learning models but can also help you leverage them to deliver intelligent and valuable insights on your data.

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    Topics that are covered...

    We look at what features in the data affect the response or outcome.

    Using Interaction Effect Analysis, we look at which interactions between variables have high predictive influence. 

    The goal of Local Interpretation is to find out what drives our predictions for the best and worst individual accounts.

    Our conclusion based on the this specific example.


    "Lux is ready to help you harness the power of Machine Learning to help you make the decisions that are right for your business ."