CORE helps you to customize and price quotations fast
and accurately, keeping you ahead of the competition.

With CORE, you can run multiple pricing simulations for the most complex health insurance products within seconds to make informed choices. You can also instantly issue, approve and send quotations to customers through controlled processes that safeguard sensitive information. What’s more, CORE’s dashboard gives you greater visibility across your business to better manage your pipeline.

CORE is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that is customized to fit the underwriting preferences and rating structures of any insurer.

Experience the power of automated and customized underwriting

See how CORE automates the underwriting process and runs multiple simulations of renewal rates and new portfolios in seconds. Make informed pricing decisions and generate customized own-branded quotations accurately in minutes with CORE.

Deliver compelling customer experiences

Respond quickly to market opportunities with pre-loaded underwriting code and rules in CORE that reduce the number of touches required to underwrite and issue quotations. CORE also allows you to assign the clerical tasks to brokers while you retain full control of the underwriting process to load expenses and finalize rates.

Scale and discipline your medical underwriting function

  • Powerful rules engine and rating logic that can run multiple pricing simulations for the most complex health insurance products
  • Easy administrative set-up with integrated testing and configuration within a single environment
  • Pre-loaded with regional health products that can be easily customized to get you started
  • Highly customisable to meet changing business needs
  • Scalable across multiple platforms and geographies
  • Highly secure and traceable underwriting platform
  • Greater visibility across the entire book of business
  • Standardized processes for underwriting discipline

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    Planning your medical underwriting requirements:

    Upgrading to a new technology is a strategic decision, keeping the future in sight. How flexible and agile is your existing system to compute multiple simulations and run different scenarios? What conversion rates are you operating at? Are you staying ahead of your competitors? How responsive is your team to market opportunities? Are your administrative expenses rising? Is the system doing most of the work for you, or are you managing a large underwriting team?

    If most of the above are areas of concern, then it might be time to consider a change in technology.

    CORE has been designed to give end-users control and transparency of the master data, the rules engine and the ratings logic allowing authorized users the autonomy to self-serve and to probe the results generated. Our team will train you so you can make the changes you need, when you need without losing time or money. You will be equipped to amend rates, forms, reports, screen presentations and contents, adding or amending underwriting questions, input fields, and more. Request a demo today to see how CORE works.

    CORE can be easily integrated/interfaced with other business systems and third-party applications. Our professionals will need to understand the system with which CORE needs to integrate/interface with the help of a data map to ensure that we can make the integration/interface fully functional. Core is White labelled and easily adapted to reflect your personal branding, including a customized URL.

    CORE is a Software as a Service product that is delivered from the cloud. So, you do not need to invest in any additional hardware or personnel to maintain it. CORE can be accessed remotely through any device with an internet connection.

    CORE has a built-in D2C portal as part of the base system with all the functionality and security you need to send quotations directly to your clients.

    CORE has pre-developed most health products commonly available in the regional market to get you easily started. In addition, you can easily configure additional new health products to take to market. Our technical team will guide you through the process when you need support.

    In a word, yes.

    Our developers constantly strive to ensure that CORE is highly responsive and optimizable to meet the changing business requirements of our clients. We will work with you to ensure that the functionalities of CORE are fully optimized and well-calibrated in line with your business requirements.

    The entire deployment process of CORE will be managed by our team from planning, design, configuration, implementation, testing and delivery of a user-accepted system that works for your business.

    Getting started with CORE:

    CORE is almost a plug and play software with rapid deployment capability. The administrative set-up of application codes, users, categories, products, networks and other master data is fairly simple. Our professionals will assist you with the set-up process which can be completed in a few days on organizing the required information from you. CORE’s integrated testing and configuration within the same environment further reduces the time to set-up the software.

    The preliminary information required to set-up your CORE account includes the database of brokers, third party administrators, employees, user rights and authority limits, workflows, templates of your current quotations, copy of your medical reinsurance/XOL treaty, currencies in use, details of your medical products and networks.  

    We will inform you should we require any additional information to address your customization request.

    Our professionals will work with your IT team to understand the system/s with which CORE needs to integrate/interface. Documentation and data maps will be required to ensure that we can make the integration/interface fully functional. The integration will be a joint effort.

    CORE is a user-friendly software that allows authorized users to easily customize all output templates, however this is done as part of the implementation.  Subsequent changes can be made through liaising with the service desk.

    Operating CORE:

    Underwriting rules and rating logic is easily configurable in the administrative panel by authorized users. This can be done with the built-in tools and training we provide, without amending any code.

    Brokers to whom you assign access rights, can create quotations in CORE under your account by setting-up the base definition, uploading member details, the claims history and selecting the products and benefits for individual members or member groups. The authority to load expenses and finalize rates is then restricted to the underwriters. This way, efficiency is optimized by outsourcing most of the clerical work while you retain complete control of the actual underwriting and validation process.

    Processing results:

    With CORE, you will have greater visibility across the entire book of business at department-, underwriter- and broker-level through dashboards enabled by powerful automation capabilities. Dashboards can be produced on a daily basis giving you complete oversight of new requests, the assigned underwriters, assigned brokers, the current state of your pipeline against your MTD or YTD targets including the performance of each underwriter and brokerage firm.

    CORE has a standard set of reports built internally to provide insights into quote generation and quote status. More reports continue to be added as the database of information grows and APIs are connected.

    Data security, controls and governance:

    We know that the data and information in your CORE account is extremely sensitive and confidential in nature. To manage this risk, your information will be stored in local servers with strong controls on data extraction by unauthorized personnel. All CORE data is stored on MS Azure servers in the UAE.

    Creating value:

    CORE is designed to automate and customize the medical underwriting process. That means, the underwriting code and rules that are set-up in CORE, reduces the number of touches required to underwrite and issue quotations, allowing you to do more with fewer people. By allocating the clerical tasks to brokers with self-service access to CORE is another way of reducing costs. Further, keeping your rates current also helps you stay competitive, controls risk and cost. Finally, increasing efficiency and speed to market will help in improving your overall client experience. With CORE, you are in complete control of the underwriting process that can be completed in minutes.

    CORE is offered on an annual subscription basis and varies based on the number of users selected. There is an additional initial cost related to customizing CORE to fit the underwriting preferences and quotation structure of a particular user.

    Unlimited. Packages vary based on the number of users selected. Above a certain number of users the cost can be capped to reflect a flat charge.

    User experience:

    Simply click Request a Demo and select your preferred date. This will trigger an email request and you will be contacted shortly thereafter. The initial demo usually takes about an hour.

    In one word – Yes. We will prepare a custom demo for your organization.

    This is an important step for us as well as it allows us to chalk out a roadmap and identify process enhancements for each client. To prepare the custom demo, we will collect certain information about your business practices and processes. We will work with this information to illustrate how CORE’s can meet your specific business needs.

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