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Lux Actuaries & Consultants is an independent actuarial consultancy with offices in Bahrain, Egypt, Greece, India, Kenya, Kuwait, the UAE, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Our local presence in multiple locations allows us to provide pragmatic solutions that always take account of the local market and the needs of our clients, unconstrained by any overriding corporate policy. We enjoy a close working relationship with our clients based on trust, integrity and professionalism, as we strive to provide the highest levels of service.



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Life Insurance

Lux is the appointed Actuary to a number of leading Insurance Companies, with services including the review of statutory figures prepared by the internal actuarial department and/or appointed actuaries.


General Insurance

Our aim is to excel in the three key areas listed below when considering insurance business, during our Process to Profitability (P2P) - Accurate Pricing, Informed Underwriting, Capable Claims Management.


Health Insurance

From pricing reports and medical provider network banding to
healthcare data analytics, our
Actuaries offer a suite of services across the health insurance spectrum tailored to meet the individual client requirement.



With our banking services our clients enjoy the following outcomes; increased revenue, increased staff and/or systems efficiency and effectiveness, reduced cost(s) and/or improved predictability of budgeted outcomes.


Employee Benefits

Lux performs actuarial valuations of employee benefits, in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, including IAS 19 and US GAAP, for many clients. Our reports are easy for accountants and auditors to use and implement.


Data Science

Data Science is an integral part of our business. We handle a very high amount of data daily and we have managed to automate our processes in order create accuracy and efficiency.


Enterprise Risk management

We work closely with the main stakeholders to develop and implement successful ERM frameworks, within a considered Corporate Governance and Internal Control environment.


Social Security

We conduct extensive research into short-term and long-term demographic and economic trends, analysis of experience in mortality and morbidity rates, and prepare reports on the financial aspects of the Social Security System.


Asset Management Consulting

Optimize and manage financial resources and investments and cash flow to match liabilities.


Recent blog posts




Lux Actuaries to Support Arab Actuarial Conference 2023 as Platinum Sponsor

Lux Actuaries & Consultants is delighted to announce its participation at the Arab Actuarial Conference 2023, being held at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo, Egypt on 9th-11th May 2023.

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Exploring the key drivers of conflict risk

Lux Actuaries has developed the Lux Conflict, War and Strife (CWS) Predictive Model which has been designed to assess the risk of future armed conflicts globally, considering a multitude of indicators that cover all areas of development, governance and overall socio-economic strength of countries across time. This blog post discusses feature importance analysis - a key strength of the Lux CWS model - which helps to elucidate some of the black-box workings typical of most machine learning models.

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Model Management Standards and Guidance for UAE banks

On 23 December 2022 the Central Bank of the UAE published Model Management Standards and Guidance. The Standards present mandatory modelling practices to be implemented by banks in the UAE and cover general standards applicable to all models as well as specific requirements for the application of these standards. The supplementary Guidance contains recommended principles related to technical aspects specific to certain model types.

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