CORE helps you to customize and price quotations fast
and accurately, keeping you ahead of the competition.

With CORE, you can run multiple pricing simulations for the most complex health insurance products within seconds to make informed choices. You can also instantly issue, approve and send quotations to customers through controlled processes that safeguard sensitive information. What’s more, CORE’s dashboard gives you greater visibility across your business to better manage your pipeline.

CORE is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that is customized to fit the underwriting preferences and rating structures of any insurer.

Experience the power of automated and customized underwriting

See how CORE automates the underwriting process and runs multiple simulations of renewal rates and new portfolios in seconds. Make informed pricing decisions and generate customized own-branded quotations accurately in minutes with CORE.

Deliver compelling customer experiences

Respond quickly to market opportunities with pre-loaded underwriting code and rules in CORE that reduce the number of touches required to underwrite and issue quotations. CORE also allows you to assign the clerical tasks to brokers while you retain full control of the underwriting process to load expenses and finalize rates.

Scale and discipline your medical underwriting function

  • Powerful rules engine and rating logic that can run multiple pricing simulations for the most complex health insurance products
  • Easy administrative set-up with integrated testing and configuration within a single environment
  • Pre-loaded with regional health products that can be easily customized to get you started
  • Highly customisable to meet changing business needs
  • Scalable across multiple platforms and geographies
  • Highly secure and traceable underwriting platform
  • Greater visibility across the entire book of business
  • Standardized processes for underwriting discipline

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