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Lux has developed a robust framework for processing, analysing and interpreting health data in the region. From pricing reports and medical provider network banding to healthcare data analytics, our Actuaries offer a suite of services across the health insurance spectrum tailored to meet the individual client requirement.

Lux is proud to work with health insurers, reinsurers, TPAs and selected broker partners in both a consulting and statutory capacity as we strive to maintain a bespoke service offering with an eye towards catering for specific markets.

Lux is proud to have developed offline and online rating engine capabilities that have streamlined the underwriting processes for our clients. Our Customised Online Rating Engine (CORE), a proprietary platform built internally, offers the flexibility of policy quotations without compromising on pricing adequacy and supports our clients in building their Individual and Group portfolios. See our CORE page for more information.

Years of experience working with strong players in the markets, coupled with insights gained from analysing data warehouses spanning over 1 million lives across more than 5 years, has enabled Lux to not only develop an acute understanding of the historic and current position of local markets but perhaps, more importantly, the trajectory they are following. We bring a local and international work ethic to our partners towards meeting their current and future individual challenges.



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