Our proprietary machine learning platform, Pythia, can be used to develop a range of Machine Learning algorithms to create and stress-test the best performing model for particular use cases in a short space of time.

Our Machine Learning solution offers a practical approach to help tackle some of the key obstacles organisations are facing today:

Understanding your Business

To make the best possible decisions about your business, it’s imperative to base them on a rigorous understanding of the current picture. Machine Learning techniques can be used to reveal hidden insights to help inform and improve strategic decision-making. Some of the aspects of these insights that Pythia can help with include:

  • Understanding Client Value
  • Client Segmentation
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Credit Limit Optimisation

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is rapidly becoming the most powerful way to use available data to enable optimal decisions now, based on future predictions. Key use cases for our clients include:

  • Predicting take-up of new product or offer
  • Predicting early repayments on loans
  • Predicting product/customer churn
  • Predicting credit defaults
  • Pricing optimisation
  • Collections optimisation

Risk Management

Effective risk management relies on the suitability of underlying risk models. Machine Learning and analytics solutions not only optimise and streamline the modelling process—thereby saving time and money—but can also help to reduce model error. Some of the use cases where we can help clients include:

  • Credit risk modelling (scorecard development)
  • Operation risk modelling
  • Transaction screening (anti-money laundering and fraud prevention)

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